December Delights

The last two months I have been battling the three-headed monster of seasonal allergies, thyroid and menopause. I have been doing my best to stay healthy and enjoy life but some days are darker than others.  Lately I feel like I am either on the verge of tears or totally irritated and/or exhausted. Knowing it is out of control hormones doesn’t really help.

With the holidays approaching I am carefully planning out my time, trying to keep things in balance.  I want to make sure I focus on doing tasks and errands for the right reasons. I need to remember that I am doing these things to make others happy and because I love them.  But I also need to love myself.

So far my calendar looks balanced, quiet days intersperced with social events.  I revamped my cookie baking strategy to include more kinds that can be frozen and thus made ahead of time.  I have a shopping plan laid out, with all the buying done in the next 2 weeks.

And here is where you and this Blog come into play.  Everyday in December I am going to pause and find the joy in the task or project or errand that I am doing.  The goal is to focus on Gratitude as a way to fight the surging all over the place hormones.  And I am going to share as a way to keep myself focused and accountable.

Here is to a hopefully Delightful December!

4 thoughts on “December Delights

  1. Oh, I feel your pain! At least, I feel similar pain of my own. I can SO identify with feeling inclined to burst into tears and/or irritated and usually tired. I like your positive plan. I must come up with one of my own. Focusing on gratitude is an excellent idea. I hope you have a great holiday season!


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