December Delight #31

I must confess I am not a big celebrator of New Year’s eve. More than a few years I have simply gone to bed long before midnight. Last year my then 8 year old son decorated the house and woke me up just before midnight. (In my defense I had been rather sick for a few days.)

So I don’t typically plan anything,  but this year we are going to a hockey game! Tucson has a new minor league team this year, ‘The Roadrunners’.  Um, puck drop? face off? (what do you call the start of a hockey game?) is at 6:00p.

I don’t know if I will make it to midnight but at least this year I am getting out of the house for part of the evening.  How delightful is that!

One last coloring project for 2016, my son and I each colored a picture for the New Year.

“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy 2017!!

December Delight #30

A few weeks ago my husband mentioned that the Air Force Academy was playing in the Arizona Bowl here in Tucson. A 3:30p kickoff, not too late and not so early as to have to worry about broiling in the sun.  I thought tickets would be a good stocking stuffer for my husband but for a minor bowl game prices were rather steep. I talked to my husband about it and  we decided to wait and see if  tickets would be available through Davis-Monthan Air Force base at a cheaper price.

Turns out we actually scored free tickets through the base and I am quite looking forward to cheering for my branch of service as well as cheering for saving money!

December Delight #29

Today I am happy for a little oasis of calm before a very busy few days begin.  The skies are cloudy lending a wintry feel, if not temperature, to the day.  I have promised my son hot cocoa for 3:00p snack.

Right now though I can simply stare out the window at the clouds and breathe.  Doing absolutely nothing can be the most delightful thing of all!

December Delight #28

Today I am thankful I kept a promise to my son. I told him we would have a sleepover one night in our family room next to the Christmas tree.  That night was last night.  We pulled open the lumpy, uncomfortable sofa bed, piled on blankets, stuffed animals and pillows and read a bunch of Christmas stories.  We turned out all the lights except those on the tree and curled up together whispering long past our bedtime.

Am I tired and does my back hurt today?  Yes.  But my heart is happy.

December Delight #27

Today I am thankful we celebrate the whole 12 days of Christmas, which actually start on Christmas Day! It seems a waste to me to spend a month or more preparing for just one or two days of celebrating. So I have embraced the whole 12 days.

For each day there is a small gift or an activity of some sort.  The gift or tag with the activity written on the back are hidden each day for my son to find.  Hunting for the gift/tag is part of the fun. We also have a Harry and David treat box with a little something for each day that the three of us share.

Most of the days are kept simple.  Today is “Thank you” note day, a package of blank notes the gift for my son along with a trip to the local frozen yogurt place after we finish writing our thank you’s.

It is delightful to still have so much to look forward to these next nine days!  I hope you can find small ways to continue your holiday fun!

December Delight #26

Today I am happy that it is Boxing Day! Well in the UK and Canada it is but I have adopted it. (I am a little bit of an Anglophile.)

Boxing Day you ask?  I have heard two different explanations of the name.  1.  The day after Christmas was when the churches opened up the boxes used to collect money for the poor and distributed it to the needy.  2. In the days of the big manor houses and estates the servants worked Christmas Day and had the 26th off instead.  On this day the owners of the estates gave the servants their Christmas Boxes (i.e. presents).  So the 26th was the holiday for the poor and servant classes.

So in my world today is another holiday!  We will play games and eat too much (again) and be lazy.  I’ll have crumpets and tea later as well as Cornish Pasties for dinner.  We’ll have Christmas Crackers at dinner as well. (Crackers being a small wrapped tube you pull open with a pop and contains a small gift, paper crown and riddle or joke.)  I may even work some British words into my conversations today!

Cheerio my good chaps, I am off to have a cuppa!



December Delights 23 and 24

December 23rd

I picked up our yule log cake for Christmas Eve today.  I got it from Whole Foods.  I seldom go into Whole Foods even though it is right next to the library, it is just a little too pricey for me.  So how did I know Whole Foods made yule log cakes?  The lovely woman at Coldstone Creamery  told me!  I went to Coldstone to order a cake for Christmas Eve and asked if they could do a yule log.  She obviously saw the disappointment in my face when she said no and told me about the ones she had seen at Whole Foods. (Think Santa in “Miracle on 34th St.”!)

Of course I felt bad about not placing an order with her but she said it was okay:  “She just wanted me to be happy!”  How incredibly nice was that?

And I have decided to go back to that Coldstone and happily order a small cake for Epiphany.  There is nothing better than a business that wants happy customers.

Chocolate on chocolate yule log cake. Should I add a little more snow?


December 24th

Ah, Christmas Eve and today I have a whole list of things filling me with delight!  Everything is done:  cards and packages mailed, cookie boxes delivered to the neighbors, house cleaned and decorated, meals planned and shopped for, gifts wrapped.  And that means today can be slow and focused on anticipation and waiting.

Specific bits of Joy:

  • This morning we all slept in after a late night attending “The Nutcracker”.  We had a festive breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and a cinnamon roll wreath from Trader Joe’s.  As I sat sipping my tea a small beautiful bird landed on the rose bush outside the kitchen window.  Being able to just sit and watch it brought an incredible rush of peace and joy. (I wish I had gotten a picture, it was small with a little pale yellow on it’s chest. Maybe a type of warbler or finch?)
  • My husband took our son and dog to the park giving me a chance to write this up, get in a few steps on the treadmill and enjoy a little pocket of quiet time.

Looking forward to:

  • Mugs of hot cocoa and watching a “Charlie Brown Christmas” after lunch.
  • That feeling of peace I get every year at church when we sing “Silent Night” by candlelight.
My cookie jar dressed for the holidays and hanging with his penguin homemade snow globe friend.

Wishing the whole world PEACE AND JOY this holiday season.

December Delight #22

Today I am grateful for something silly: my mismatched no sense of proportion or cohesion winter village. I have no idea how it even got started, just some assorted buildings that one year I decided to put on the sideboard and the village was born.

Because I love the movie “A Christmas Story” my friend sent me this little figurine of Flick with his tongue stuck to the pole. He suits the village perfectly.


Our first new building addition in a long time, the Lego Toy Shoppe.


Why yes, that is an elephant pulling a sleigh through the village.

I have no idea why this display makes me so happy but it does and I am always grateful for an involuntary grin of happiness.

December Delight #21

It is the shortest day of the year. And I love it. Living in the land of many many months of harsh broiling sunlight is not my favorite thing so I love these short, slanty sun days.  I like waking up in the dark, walking the dog without the sun beating down on me and preparing dinner with all the kitchen lights on.

This morning I turned on all the Christmas lights in the house and left them on while I baked the last batch of Christmas cookies.  It is cloudy today too so the lights really shown making my home feel all snuggly and warm with the scent of cookies and Christmas tree filling the air.

I know in just a few short weeks it will be warm and way too sunny, but today I am delighted to enjoy a late sunrise and early sunset.