December Delights #1

December First

Today I am thankful for my dog. It has gotten chilly here in the desert, downright crisp in the mornings. I walk the dog every morning and I am thrilled to be wearing long sleeves and layers and looking forward to a hot cup of tea upon our return.

It is a great way to start the day, a slow way to start the day. Instead of rushing headlong into my to-do list I get to step outside and meander for awhile. I observe the blue of the sky, a few puffy clouds and look for more houses decorated for Christmas.

My dog Sherlock brings me joy and today he brought me my pause for gratitude.

3 thoughts on “December Delights #1

  1. He IS a cutie! That sounds like a great morning routine. My mornings start way too early and not slowly, but sometimes one must endure these things. At least I can enjoy a slower start most weekends.


  2. Sherlock is the best dog. I often say he should be the poster dog for shelter adoptions. I am so happy he found me.
    After 21 years in the military I have had my share of early, hectic mornings (and late nights and all nighters and days that never seemed to end!) so I am relishing this slower pace. Your day will come!


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