December Delights #2

This morning instead of just jumping into the shower I stopped and watched the sunrise. It was all orangey-pink, rather the colors of the above rose, with the sun peeking over the mountains and reflecting off a narrow layer of clouds. Once the sun was properly over the mountain top I saw a tiny rainbow. More like a square of prism light. It was a lovely surprise and delightful start to the day.


P.S.  I have no pictures of the sunrise because my only view is out our bathroom window over the neighbor’s roof.  I don’t think the picture would have turned out very well.  But all the rose pictures I am using I took last weekend at the Reid Park Rose Garden.  I didn’t have my camera but used my phone as I was not prepared to see so many gorgeous blooms!

One thought on “December Delights #2

  1. I sometimes see gorgeous sunrise skies through the window at work. Those pictures probably would not turn out well either, in addition to the fact that cameras are not allowed at work (because of fears of corporate espionage or some such thing, I suppose).

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