December Delights 3 and 4

This weekend has been all about loving the light.

December 3rd

I have spent the last few days decorating the house.  I did one room or area a day.  This year I left much of the little knick-knacky stuff in the boxes.  I wanted a less cluttered look this year.  Saturday night I walked around the house turning on all the various Christmas lights and realized this was exactly what I wanted: simple, warm and subtly festive.

With the still shortening days I love the spots of soft light scattered throughout my home.  Even with the chilly weather the house feels warm in the glow of Christmas lights.


I did the fireplace the same as last year.

December 4th

Today at church my son and I lit the Advent candles. I am happy and grateful for finding such a warm and welcoming church home.


I light this candle every night while I am doing the dinner dishes.  It is funny how this little flickering flame is so cheering.

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