December Delights 6 and 7

December 6th

Yesterday we celebrated St. Nicholaus Day.  We had cake and I gave my son a lego set.  After dinner and cake he wanted to start putting it together.  I recommended the dining room table but he didn’t want to be in there alone.  He asked me to stay in the dining room with him, that I could bring my book.  I agreed but instead of reading I started writing Christmas cards.  I am rather haphazard with sending cards.  Some years I send a lot, most years just a few.  Christmas cards weren’t even on my to do list this year.  But I had a number of boxes sitting there (can’t resist those after Christmas sales!) so I grabbed my address book and started writing.

And it was the most delightful evening.  It was  peaceful, no music or tv on, just Christmas lights twinkling all around us.  We worked side by side exchanging the occasional comment, both focused on our separate tasks.  But we were together, my son and I enjoying a quiet holiday moment.  It doesn’t get better than that.


December 7th

Nothing delightful for today.  Just a heart full of gratitude and sorrow for all those at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago today.  May those who gave their lives rest in peace, and for those who survived I hope they found peace.



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