December Delights 8, 9 and 10

Wow, this week has been crazy busy! And next week doesn’t look much better but the end is in sight. No matter if everything is done or not Christmas happens on the 25th!

December 8th

I had a bunch of running around to do and was feeling a bit crabby about it.  But there was a point when I stopped at my car to put in a bag before moving onto another store that I really noticed the weather.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the temperature a perfect low 60’s. I was perfectly comfortable in a long sleeve t-shirt and zippered hoodie.  I paused and breathed in the air and reminded myself how much easier all this running around was in such perfect weather.

December 9th

After such a crazy week I was exhausted but the to-do list was not done.  After school my son and I decorated our Trader Joe’s Ugly Sweater cookies which had us laughing.  After dinner we decorated our small tree in the living room.  After we finished we turned off all the lights except for the Christmas decorations.  The house felt perfect.  Instead of washing a few pans from dinner I made myself a mug of mint tea and just sat.  I listened to Christmas music and admired the lights and decorations and sipped my warm tea until bedtime.  (The next morning it took no time at all to wash up those few pans!)

These cookies so need to be eaten!

December 10th

Today I am keeping a promise to myself.  I am taking a few hours “off”.  My son and his father left for a hockey game.  While they are gone I am going to take a break.  I will not bake any cookies or get a jump on the laundry or look at next week’s to-do list to see what I can get a head start on.  Instead I am going to watch a Christmas movie while enjoying a mug of homemade tomato soup and a bowl of popcorn.  My movie choices are: 1. “It’s A Wonderful Life”  2. “The Man Who Saved Christmas”  or 3.  “Christmas in Connecticut”.  Notice how all three have a tie to WWII?

After the movie I will take the dog for a walk and then I will watch the Miami Heat play the Bulls while painting my toenails red, white and green.

Because at some point during the race to the holiday you have to take care of yourself.  You have to believe that all the important stuff will get done in time.  Today I Believe.


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