December Delight #13

When I was putting items in my day planner I deliberately left today blank. (And I left one day next week empty too.) I had dreams of sipping tea and reading a book, maybe watching a movie. Sitting quietly and really being able to focus on making my goals for next year.  Sound like a dream?  Yeah, pretty much.

I have been trying hard this busy time of the year to stay focused on the present.  To just worry about today’s list, the current task and not mentally jump to the next task or worry about the whole week.  I have not been successful.  My son was lamenting how long it is until Christmas.  “It is less than two weeks!” I sort of screeched at him.

But I am grateful I left today blank, it has given me a chance to catch up on tasks and tidy the house a bit.

Not exactly the day I dreamed of, but there is always next week.  And I am hoping after lunch to watch a Christmas movie while sorting and wrapping items for stockings in tissue paper.  I am grateful for hope.  🙂

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