December Delight #15

Today is all about anticipation because tomorrow I am going to the NORTH POLE!  I will be taking the Polar Express out of Williams, AZ and getting to the North Pole via the magic tunnel.  I  think I am more excited than my son.  And there is so much to be excited about:

I get to wear sweaters and mittens and flannel pajamas with penguins on them. (Not all at the same time though.)

Riding a train with kids in Christmas jammies, hot cocoa and cookies, carol singing…all good.

We’ll spend Saturday in Flagstaff visiting Santa at the mall and getting our Christmas tree and taking a wintry hike.

Three full days of no cooking or dishes or cleaning or Christmas prep. Instead I get to enjoy simply festive fun time with my son in a place where it is actually winter.

I am even looking forward to the five hour drive.  I have popcorn and the Trader Joe’s box of assorted Joe-Joe’s for snacking while listening to Christmas audiobooks from the library.  We’ll stop for lunch somewhere fun on the north side of Phoenix,  after which we can start watching for signs of winter as we gain in elevation.


It’s Santa!  I know him!!


I’ll be back on Monday with specific delights from each day.  Enjoy the last weekend before Christmas!! ( I know I can barely believe it either.)

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