December Delights 16, 17 and 18

We spent the weekend “up North” and got our winter on. Friday we stayed in Williams, AZ and rode the Polar Express to the North Pole. Saturday morning we headed to Flagstaff where we spent the night before returning home late Sunday morning. I took few pictures to my regret. But the scene is now set so on to the delights.

December 16th

The sky as we headed up I-10 towards Phoenix.

Today I was thankful for faith and hope.  The forecast was for rain, all day, all locations. It spritzed a little through Phoenix and in Flagstaff was a steady cold shower.  I enjoyed hot cocoa with my lunch and watched the rain puddle up.  When we got to Williams the rain stopped and started and stopped again and the wind was brutal.  But I did not give up on my hope for snow. It was so cold I was sure that at some point the rain would have to turn to snow.

When I woke up at 5:30a and looked out the window….snow, falling ever so lightly.  Just enough to give the ground a good dusting.  And yes, technically I did not get my snow until the 17th, but the hope of snow made all the rain on the 16th more bearable.



December 17th

Today I was thankful for traditions.  It was wonderful to do the same small things we do every December trip to Flagstaff.  We went to the not too big not too small not too crowded mall.  My son visited Santa and got his picture taken.  I visited the calendar kiosk to get ready for next year.  I bought some seasonal hand soap at Bath and Body Works.  We had a snack at the food court. Then we went to the tree lot to get our Christmas tree.  This year we went to the same guy but in his second location as the the downtown location we used to frequent now has a hotel being built on it 😦

But after picking out our tree we went to downtown Flagstaff and visited the candy store and looked in store windows and noticed which businesses were gone.  No more candle store 😦 But another candy store bringing the total to three!

Normally we would go to the park and play in the snow, but the snow was gone so we sat by the huge fireplace in the hotel and watched the wind sway the pine trees out the windows.

We decided it was too cold to go for a hike. (It was 83° in Tucson on Thursday so windy temps in the 20s felt really cold to us.) Instead we went to an early dinner at Sizzler and then curled up on the beds to watch “Christmas Vacation” before calling it an early night.

I realized the traditions themselves were nice, but the important part was the family time we spent together.

Nothing says Christmas like it being cold enough to sit by a fire.


December 18th

Today I was delighted to take an inadvertant nap. Though I slept surprisingly well on our trip apparently I was tired. Somewhere on the north side of Phoenix I dozed off (don’t worry my husband was driving) and woke up about 30 minutes later. I had missed a big chunk of our audiobook but felt really good.


Happy December!!

The traditional mother-son photo at the mall.




4 thoughts on “December Delights 16, 17 and 18

  1. What a fun weekend! Of course, living in Central New York and having spent years living in Northern New York (the North Country), I have to laugh (nicely, of course) at hoping for snow. Well, I guess some of us up here hope for snow too. And you are so right that the best part of traditions is spending the time with loved ones!

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      1. When I first moved there and found out they averaged 97 in. of snow a year, I panicked, I am only 67 in. tall I cried. Everyone laughed and said “we don’t usually get it all at once”. ha ha!

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