December Delight #20

Today had the only task I was dreading this week, the last big grocery shopping trip at the commissary before the holiday.  I envisioned a full parking lot, crowded aisles, empty shelves and a long wait to check out. But the shopping must be done and I figured the earlier in the week the better, especially with the threat of rain in the forecast for the end of the week.

When I woke up this morning I was dumbfounded to realize I actually felt good.  Apparently the menopausal hormones were finally giving me a break. I left for the commissary about 9:00a after walking the dog and eating a hearty breakfast (waffles and sausages).  The traffic was light. What? Maybe some of the schools have started their holiday break?  Or did I just time it right?  Whatever the reason I was happy.

At the commissary the parking lot was fairly empty but I have learned this is not a good indicator of what to expect inside. (I know, I don’t understand it either.)  Once inside though, all was calm.  Sure, there were other shoppers but not the hordes I expected. I found all my items, resisted all temptation to buy a bunch of junk (thank you hormones!) and only had two people in front of me in the checkout line.

It was surely a Christmas Miracle and certainly a Delightful December surprise!

I hope she remembered to get honey.

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