December Delight #26

Today I am happy that it is Boxing Day! Well in the UK and Canada it is but I have adopted it. (I am a little bit of an Anglophile.)

Boxing Day you ask?  I have heard two different explanations of the name.  1.  The day after Christmas was when the churches opened up the boxes used to collect money for the poor and distributed it to the needy.  2. In the days of the big manor houses and estates the servants worked Christmas Day and had the 26th off instead.  On this day the owners of the estates gave the servants their Christmas Boxes (i.e. presents).  So the 26th was the holiday for the poor and servant classes.

So in my world today is another holiday!  We will play games and eat too much (again) and be lazy.  I’ll have crumpets and tea later as well as Cornish Pasties for dinner.  We’ll have Christmas Crackers at dinner as well. (Crackers being a small wrapped tube you pull open with a pop and contains a small gift, paper crown and riddle or joke.)  I may even work some British words into my conversations today!

Cheerio my good chaps, I am off to have a cuppa!



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