December Delights – Out Takes

Lest you think all of December was nothing but joy and lightness I feel it only fair to share some of those fun menopausal family moments too. There were a few times where I had to work to find something delightful about the day, but you know, I did truly find good about each day.  I found myself focusing on the happy, positive items which made my life seem better and which made me feel happier. The experiment was a success!  My absolute favorite part of the month?  Coloring the countdown to Christmas pictures,  I am so doing that again next year.

Onto real life moments that may very well make you feel better about your own month!  Or at least give you a laugh.

Christmas Eve 2016

In no particular order:

  • E yelling over and over again “I’m bored, I’m bored, I’m bored” at the hotel in Flagstaff.  I had left the afternoon open to play in the snow or take a hike.  There was no snow and it was too cold and windy to want to hike. I didn’t have a plan B.  We ended up having an early dinner and watching “Christmas Vacation” in the hotel room.  I seriously thought we should skip the trip next year but was soundly voted down by both child and husband which kind of surprised me.  I thought I was the only one who really wanted to spend time in Flagstaff but apparently I was wrong.
  • My son forgot to give two of his teacher’s their Christmas presents, even though every single morning for the entire week we talked about it right before he left for school.  So Friday afternoon when he came home with two undelivered gifts we headed right back to the school (the school is a 5 min walk from our house).  Luckily we found both teachers still in their classrooms, whew.
  • As we were walking out the door for “The Nutcracker” I looked at the tickets and realized the show was at the Tucson Music Hall not Centennial Hall as I thought.  We knew where Centennial Hall was and where to park for that.  No clue for the Music Hall.  A quick google told us it was near the Tucson Convention Center which we sort of knew the location of.  We only had to make one U turn and got there in plenty of time but it was a near miss.
  • Another almost disaster?  I came perilously close to dropping the yule log cake while trying to re-box it after taking a photo for the blog.
  • The very first words out of my son’s mouth Christmas Eve morning?  “Can I open a present?” (NO!!!)
  • I had to meet with my son’s teacher because of two separate incidents.  One involved “the swear word, the F—word”  used on the computer.  Yes I swear in front of my son but I thought I had made it clear that I was an adult and he was a kid and he couldn’t.  Very embarrassing.
  • We had a terrible wind and rain storm on Christmas Eve.  I compare it to the one in “Rudolph”. It knocked all our outside decorations hither and yon and even knocked over my swing (aka my front porch).  We were so distracted by the weather that dinner was a bit late and we had to rush to make it to church on time. So we didn’t have time for the yule log cake that I was so happy about finding and then not dropping. (We had it Christmas Day instead.)
Yes, it was some wind!
  • Our Christmas tree was a bit shorter than normal this year and my husband didn’t trim the branches from the bottom to help it look bigger.  Yes it looked great but for the person who had to put water in the tree stand twice a day (that would be me) it was a pain.


So there you have it, delight tempered by reality.

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