Feeling Crabby

My introverted self is screaming for some quiet time. The last few weeks of non-stop busyness have caught up with me. It will be another 10 days before I can really get back to my normal routine but today I am giving myself a time out.

What’s whirling through my head right now?

  1. Last night I got ready for bed at 6:30p!  I am feeling way too tired these days.  Stress, menopause, thyroid, allergies or some combination thereof?  Whatever the reason I can feel my coping skills slipping away.
  2. My son is unhappy at school.  I am starting to feel unhappy with the school.  We have talked about home schooling a few times and the pro list is gaining on the con list.  I am pretty sure I would suck at home schooling but I am starting to believe that my son’s current public school may not be the best fit for him.  So I find myself trying to imagine what our days would be like and would he be able to get what he needs academically here at home?  Or would we drive each other crazy and turn into big couch potatoes watching endless hours of tv?
  3. I got my haircut yesterday and I am so happy.  I always put off haircuts because in six years I still haven’t found the right stylist but the search is over (I hope).  The only down side was she wanted to dry it straight (they all want to do that for some reason) so I let her.  After she started she realized my hair wasn’t going to lie the way she wanted to and she had to change tactics.


I immediately thought of Sally Field’s in “Steel Magnolias” and “just make it look like a brown football helmet” hair.


What my hair looks like today after I washed it. (Sorry about the no makeup.)

4.  I am reading this very interesting book, “Secrets From the Eating Lab” by Traci Mann.  I keep thinking I need to lose 5 to 10 pounds but now I am thinking maybe not.  Maybe this is the “new- older” me.

5.  My house is a mess.  Christmas is packed up but there are still some totes that need toting to the garage and a thorough vacuuming, dusting, mopping is sorely needed. So do I clean this afternoon or do I sit down with my lunch and watch the Miami Heat game I recorded last night?  What would my husband do?  Ha ha, basketball it is!

Well, I have hit my ten thousand steps so after doing a few pushups maybe I will tote those totes out to the garage before finding some potato chips and putting the game on.  It’s not even lunch time yet anyway.  Maybe I will research Montessori schools too.  Or maybe I will just sit in the sun with a cup of tea and let that crabbiness scurry away!

A hopefully happier me will be back next week.  We are going camping over the three day holiday weekend and I am very excited about it!!  I’ll try and take good pictures.

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