It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sort of. It was certainly dark but the storminess, not yet.

The second night of our three night stay at Bonita Campground in the Chirachua’s found me tired and cold.  Taking advantage of the heater in the trailer I got ready for bed early and felt quite settled and cozy in my sleeping bag.  I had a lantern, my book and my pillows set just right.  Husband and small child had decided to build a fire despite the impending weather.  I savored this time alone, the quiet.  Just as they took out the s’mores items the rain began.  Undeterred they managed to scarf down a third of a bag of marshmallows and two chocolate bars.  Fifteen minutes later my peace was destroyed as I waited patiently while they let all the heat out and brought all the wet items in.

Finally everyone was settled but now I was wide awake.  And way too warm.  I tossed and turned awhile as my husband snored away and small child fidgeted and whispered in the bunk above.  Too much sugar and over-tired I knew he would be awake for hours.  I tried to unzip my sleeping bag but it was all twisted and I couldn’t find the zipper.

What I really wanted to do was open the window. I wanted to hear the distant thunder better and the wind in the trees.  I sat up and slowly cranked open the tiny window next to small child’s bunk.  He was instantly alert and I told him to be quiet and listen for the thunder.  The incoming breeze was perfect, not frigid but refreshing. A gentle stream of cooling air.  I straightened out my sleeping bag and unzipped it part way.

I laid there a long time listening to distant thunder and the trees rustling in the breeze.  The wind picked up indicating more rain was coming but the sound of thunder remained soft.  I fell asleep.

An undetermined amount of time later the carbon monoxide detector went off.  (This happens when the dog sleeps next to it.)  I fumbled with my sleeping bag, then fumbled for my slippers, fumbled with the flashlight and fumbled for the mute button on the alarm.

My husband relocated the dog onto the bed (where he normally sleeps so he doesn’t set off the alarm) and I opened the door to let some air in.  That is when I realized it was raining, so softly it hadn’t awakened me, so softly I hadn’t heard it on the trailer roof.

I breathed in the damp fragrant air and thought how odd it was to be glad to be awakened in the middle of the night.

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