2017 Ambitions

Ambition: desire to achieve a particular end (Merriam-Webster)

The first three weeks of this year have been busy and exhausting,  leaving me with little resources to work on a list of goals. Months ago I started jotting down ideas and actually thinking about how I want this year to look. (I may not be getting smarter with age but I do seem to be using my brain more!)

I have been waiting for a block of quiet time to go through my notes and solidify which direction I want to go in 2017.  This week is perfect for contemplation and just in time for the Chinese New Year, the 28th of January.  The year of the rooster in case you were wondering.

This year I am shooting for contentment at home and on the health side menopause survival with minimal long term damage.

Starting with ambitions for my home life:

Last year I had 12 areas to clean and it worked pretty well.  I only got ten done so cleaning out the file cabinet and shredding the discards have carried over to this year.  I didn’t shoot for a specific number this year but made a list of areas/things that bother me and ways to improve them.

Home Ambitions:

  1. In the kitchen I want to sort out the pantry (again) with more of an eye to getting rid of things we don’t use.  (And most likely discovering things I forgot we had.)  Ditto with our lazy-susan corner cupboard.
  2. New, larger memory box for my son, and repurpose the current bankers box into a memory box for me (of things he has made for me).  I have file folders for each school year and I put select papers, drawings, awards etc into it.  I am finding it is not quite large enough plus I like the idea of using a plastic tote to provide a bit more protection from the elements.  Not that there are currently any elements going on in the closet but in case of a leak or something.
  3. Replace the stairwell, hallway, upstairs carpeting.  A big project that I don’t want to think about (or pay for for) but that really needs to be done.
  4. Sort through my clothes and shoes (again) trying to keep only the things that I really love, that fit well and make me feel good,  and freeing up some space to buy a few new items.
  5. Now that I am the big 5-0 I need to take a look at my investment portfolio and see if I need to make any adjustments. (By this I mean call the broker dude and see what he thinks.)
  6. Okay and the file cabinet and subsequent shred is back on the list. Sigh.

I am excited about getting some of these items done and out of my brain where they have been bugging me for some time!

My son gave me this little decorated pot for Mother’s Day in first grade. He made it at school and there were some unidentified seeds planted in it.  It has been growing oh so slowly and poorly these last one and a half years but I can’t bear to pull the plants out.
This week  both stems have developed little tiny buds.  Be still my heart.

Health Ambitions

  1. Reduce my sugar intake to no more than 25 grams per day.  That’s added sugar only, not natural sugar like found in fruit.
  2. Work on my strength training with push ups and tai chi.
  3. Eat more like the French which means more fruit and veggies and single helpings on a regular basis.  Eat more mindfully, stop and ask myself why I am eating.  But nothing is off limits in moderation and for special occasions.
  4. I really want to get back in my weight window.  I have been about three pounds over for months now and I don’t want to continue the weight gain trend.
  5. Do yoga once a week.
  6. Continue with my coloring meditation, a minimum of ten minutes a day.
  7. Spend 10 to 30 minutes a day doing some sort of inspirational reading.
  8. Continue with my 10k steps a day. (I am actually pretty good with this during the week, it’s the weekends that get me off track.)

Some of these items may end up being too ambitious  but I am not planning on starting them all at once.  I want to add one good habit at a time and maybe some won’t work out.  But I at least want to give them all an honest try.  I can already tell you the sugar one is going to be really tough.  I was also wondering how long it would take to do all these good habits everyday.  Does anyone have enough time to be this healthy?

My current coloring meditation project.


Happy 2017 Ambitions to All!


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