Wear Argyle Socks Day

Hmm, apparently an Argyle day already exists! It may be harder to invent holidays than I thought. Looks like I am going to have to get very weird to be original. That is rather a scary thought.

I have decided to stick with argyle sock day.  I like it.  And really the idea that spurred it was how boring most people’s socks are.  When my son was a toddler it was easy to find cool socks, now it is much harder.  I have always loved wearing interesting socks.  Anything with a pattern or design or multi-colored.

My sock drawer, see the argyle?

So I say rise up and wear colorful socks today, argyle or otherwise.  Keep feet interesting!


10 thoughts on “Wear Argyle Socks Day

  1. Last week at my son’s concert, when he moved his leg, I saw a glimpse of a bright red patterned sock. He likes to add that little element of the unexpected so I’m sure he would be on board with Argyle Socks Day!

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  2. My husband has Argyle socks and I may have a pair of bright pink and black ones myself. I rarely wear matching socks though (there’s nothing worse than having a pair of socks and getting a hole in one of them so you have to throw them both away, if you never wear matching socks then you can toss one and keep the other). 😉

    Is there a National Odd Socks Day? 😉

    Cait @ Click’s Clan


    1. As I have learned one can simply make up their own holidays. So poof, Odd Sock Day is created! I actually learned how to darn socks because I had some I just couldn’t give up. It’s not terribly hard, embroidery thread works well for most of my socks and adds even more color!


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