Enjoy Your Calendar Day

That would be enjoy the picture on the calendar hanging on the wall. If you are like me you spent quite a bit of time looking through all the calendars at the kiosk at the mall last December.  Agonizing over picking just the right one for the kitchen.  Why does there always have to be one month where the picture is just not pleasing?  One month that makes you hesitate and then look through all the calendars again.  Of course you get the first one anyway telling yourself it will have to do.

And of course it does do because you never really look at the pictures again.  Except for today.  Today you will look at the pictures and be glad you took such care in picking out this particular calendar. You will enjoy the colors and the composition and the feeling of joy such a wonderful picture brings.

Here are my April calendar pictures:

My office calendar and my favorite of the three. A local artist, Zinnia Sky Studio, I bought it at an arts and crafts festival last Thanksgiving. 


My bedroom calendar. I like something inspirational and peaceful.


The kitchen calendar. I like something that reflects the seasons. This would be my least favorite month on this calendar!


You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Calendar Day

  1. I’d happily choose my calendar on appearance if it weren’t for the cost factor. I usually wait until January is almost gone and then pick one up for cheap. Whatever happens to be left; it just has to fit my calendar frame, so those are the calendars that are originally priced at 20-25 dollars. I’m disappointed with this year’s April pic; it is too pastel-ly and washed-out looking for me. But most of the other months are pretty good – all flowers and butterflies.

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