Dyngus Day


Dyngus Day is a real holiday I learned about while living in Buffalo, NY.  It is of Polish heritage and takes place on Easter Monday.  Polka music, pierogis and a parade.  The three P’s of fun! Want to learn more?

Growing up in Baltimore we were always off school Good Friday and Easter Monday.  Then I joined the Air Force and nobody had ever heard of Easter Monday.

I like the idea of the day after Easter being a holiday.  Who doesn’t need a day to work off (sleep off) all that sugar consumed on Sunday?

It’s not too late to make travel plans to go to Buffalo, NY and celebrate in the Dyngus Day capital. Sure it may or may not still be snowing in mid-April there but trust me, no one can handle snow removal the way the city of Buffalo can!

Dingus Day is April 17th this year.

(AKA Easter Monday!)

My Trader Joe’s Daffodil buds. How one is forced to do spring in the desert!

12 thoughts on “Dyngus Day

      1. For a while I thought he was talking about the holiday when he kept muttering “stupid” but I finally realized he’s not. He’s calling himself stupid because he can’t stop laughing.(about the sexual innuendo which this video does not fully capture because it cuts in a bit too late)! Although, yeah, he is a bit mocking toward the story in general.


      1. Cooper reported that it means “worthy” or “suitable” which fits with the courtship theme.


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