Talk to A Ghost Day

Probably best to do this one in your head. Especially if people are already looking at you oddly for “Flip Your Hair Day“.

Your ghost can be your past or future self, someone dead that you admire or a deceased relative. You can tell them anything you want and I promise they will keep your secret!

Some examples in case you are drawing a blank:

Is the way your spouse chews driving you nuts?  Vent to your late Aunt. You will feel better and no one’s feelings get hurt.

Stuck on a plot point in your novel?  Brainstorm ideas with E.M Forster.

Really irritated that your past self passed up a trip to Italy? Go ahead, yell at her. (And start making plans with your future self to go to Italy!)

I would like to have a chat with Agatha Christie. 1. What really happened during her “lost days”? 2. Did she ever find writing hard?  3. How did she manage to write so much? 4. Does she think she could get away with committing a murder in real life?  5. What was her favorite breakfast?

I am pretty sure her answers (in my head) are: 1. Everyone was driving me nuts so I went to a spa for massages, a facial and a lot of sleep.  2. No.  3. I let the housework go.  4. Yes.  5. Porridge except on Sundays when I like waffles and sausages.

My Agatha Christie collection.


Let us know who  you talked to and if  it was a good conversation? (Sometimes ghost can be annoying when all they do is moan and groan!)  Agatha and I really are curious.


6 thoughts on “Talk to A Ghost Day

  1. I feel like I’m talking to ghosts all the time. lol I’m trying to talk to my husband when I do it, but he seems to have wife deafness, so nine out of ten times, he doesn’t hear me and i have to invent his answer in my head. For example–what would you like for supper tonight? Silence. Okay, salmon sounds good to me, too. If I could talk to a ghost, I would choose Arthur Conan Doyle since I love Sherlock holmes.

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    1. My new favorite trick is to ask myself what would my husband would do? Mop the floor or watch tv? Easy, tv. Make a balanced dinner or let everyone fend for themselves. No brainer since my husband doesn’t cook. Luckily for the household I only do this once in awhile when I am feeling particularly menopausally. (Yes I do believe I just made up a word!)

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  2. I paused in re-reading an Agatha Christie book to read this blog post. Actually, she did not completely let the housework go, because she observed that doing the dishes was an excellent time to work out a murder plot. When I can decide on a ghost to talk to, I think instead of talk I will write a letter and use it for a blog post. I will credit you for the idea. Thanks!

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  3. You are a Christie fan! So am I 😀 I have read almost all her books, watched all the TV series and movies. 🙂

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