Heat Day

Not the desert heat which is practically here but the Miami Heat. Or more specifically “Fans Who are Geographically Separated From Their Teams Day”!

Yes, I am a basketball fan exiled far away from my favorite team. I would guess Miami actually has a Miami Heat day but here in Arizona I have to make my own day. I know there are lots of geographically separated fans out there.  People move around.  It is why NBA League Pass and MLB Extra Innings are so popular. I love being  able not only to watch Heat games but listen to the Heat announcers. (Eric Reid and Coach Tony are the best!  They talk about all aspects of the game, good and bad and acknowledge both teams, not just the Heat.)

This is the last week of the regular NBA season.  The playoff run in the Eastern Conference is going down to the wire.  The Heat have fought their way into playoff contention this second half after an abysmal start. I hardly dare hope, but hope I must.  It is what we fans do.

Today is for every fan rooting for a team and is geographically separated from the team(s) they love. (And I am not talking about you fair weather fans who jump on any winning team’s band wagon.)  Wear your team gear proudly.  Make a meal or snack tonight worthy of your arena or stadium or area of the country.  Hopefully you can watch or listen to your team play.  Be proud of your team, win or lose. Celebrate being a fan.

Tonight I’ll be wearing my Heat gear and watching Goran Dragic take on the Cleveland Cavaliers while eating a grilled Cuban sandwichMY team has already beat the reining champs twice this season, reason enough to celebrate for me!


Who are you rooting for from a distance right now?

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