Don’t Read the Iliad Day

Are you are a person who reads books simply for fun like I do? And do you sometimes feel a little guilty about reading nothing but Cozy Mysteries or Summer Beach reads? Do you feel like at some point you need to read some “real” literature? So you put something like “Moby Dick” or the “Iliad” or “The Sound and the Fury” on your to be read list. And then that book hangs over your head for months or even years.

Good news!  Today is “Don’t Read the Iliad Day”.  Or whatever book is destroying your peaceful reading life.  So cross it off the list.  Enjoy your current best seller or the latest bodice ripper guilt free.  Today you have been released from Real Literature you feel you should be reading.

I have to go now and return “The Sound and the Fury”, unopened, to the library.

I am also returning “American Sniper” unread and gave up on “The Photographer’s Wife” halfway through it. Just not my cup of tea.  But I loved all my other books and am on the last one now, “Your’s Truly”.


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