Jumping Jellybeans

One night last year I was bowling really bad. I had a choice. I could get very frustrated and miserable or I could laugh it off. I chose laughter which is always a good choice. And every time I missed my spare I would say some sort of clean profanity. The weird stuff we said as kids:

Jumping Joesphat  or as I liked to say Jumping Jellybeans

Sufferin’ Succotash

Thats the cat’s pajamas

Cheese and Crackers

Zowie Batman!

I can’t remember all the crazy things we said but I do remember laughing, a lot.

So I have decreed today to be make up your own clean profanity.  Just for fun.

After a bit of deliberation I have decided my new made up profanity is:  “What the waffle?!”  Because I am a fan of alliteration and waffle is one of my favorite words. I am quite certain it will come in handy tomorrow night at bowling.

Random flower photo here.


7 thoughts on “Jumping Jellybeans

  1. I adore alliteration! Also, one of my favorite sayings is, you can laugh or you can cry; might as well laugh. For clean profanity, I often go to Heavens to Murgatroyd! or Criminy! or occasionally Goood Heavens! (I added an extra “o” because I say it in a fake English accent).

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