Kill a Task Day

My 2001 Saab 9-3 in the Catalina Mountains of Arizona.

I always have a to-do list and typically there are one or two items that get carried over for days or even weeks. Once in awhile I am lucky enough to realize that a task really doesn’t need to be done and I stop writing it down. But that is a rare and wondrous thing.

Eventually I will either be in the mood to accomplish the task (which is great and makes the task easier) or some sort of deadline will loom and the task gets done with some humphing and groaning and probably not done very well but it is done.

And the sense of accomplishment and relief is enormous.  A totally wonderful feeling. So today bite the bullet and finish a long overdue task.  And then celebrate that wonderful feeling, with cake if you so desire.  Because I did promise cake at the beginning of the A to Z Challenge.

I am off to finish my spring cleaning of the interior of my car.  Once a year I do a thorough detailing of my car.  Last week I washed and waxed my beloved 2001 Saab so only the interior is left to do.  I need to vacuum and dust and condition the leather and I will be good to go for another year. It is best to finish this up before it gets too hot.  And then cake!

Chocolate cake with chocolate glaze!  Yum!

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