Do Nothing Day

Do I really need to say more? Easter Monday/Dyngus Day  should be a holiday off from work or school. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter there is an excellent chance you succumbed to all the candy in the stores and are now suffering from a sugar coma.  And really what can one be expected to do while in a coma?

I need to end this post now so I can get down to the serious task of celebrating “Do Nothing Day”. I plan to scrounge up some leftover Easter candy (hair of the dog for my candy hangover) and park my butt on the couch and watch “Home Fires” and anything else that catches my fancy on my DVR.  And maybe nap. And brush my teeth an extra time today.  Just because.

In the interest of not getting fired from your job feel free to tweak the holiday into “Do as little as possible day”.  Us holiday maker uppers are flexible.


Random flower photo: Almost Cactus bloomin’ time.  This photo is from 4 years ago, taken at the end of April. 

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