Use Something You have Been Saving for a Rainy Day – Day

Or maybe something you have been saving for a special occasion. Today is it, it is raining and special! Use that bubble bath, drink that bottle of wine, wear that white skirt.

Not to be a downer but you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Live for today! In the movie “Housewife, 49” set during WWII the couple are in their Morrison shelter in their home as bombs fall nearby.  The wife says “I never opened those tin pears.”  Today: eat the pears!

Do something for your self that will make you really happy. Take that rainy day fund and book that longed for trip to Paris. Treat yourself to a nice meal at a restaurant you have been longing to try. Take a nap.  Stop and smell the roses. (I mean this literally!)

Do it. No really, DO IT. No regrets. I promise.

It doesn’t have to be something big. Sometimes the smallest treats are the best. Today I am giving myself a break. I am ignoring the housework and endless to-do list. I will sit in my office and enjoy my flowers, a hoarded piece of Easter candy and begin coloring a new picture.

Saved treats for me.


I have been saving this picture because I really like it and am afraid of messing up. But not today. Today I am going for it.

How are you going to treat yourself today?

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