Play a Xylophone Day

Well yes, I did use xylophone last year in the A to Z challenge but now I actually own a xylophone. Um, no I can’t play it, yet. Turns out not being able to read music is a real detriment to learning to play an instrument. But I will prevail! For now I just plink around and I rather enjoy it. Very soothing sound from a xylophone.

My blue xylophone!

Of course being the flexible holiday maker upper that I am feel free to play any musical instrument today. You don’t have to actually play a song or anything.  Just plink around.  Maybe you tap something out on the kitchen counter with a wooden spoon while making dinner. That works too. But everyone (yes, even you) needs to make a joyful noise of some sort today.

Please share your experience!

7 thoughts on “Play a Xylophone Day

  1. well I do not have a xylophone. I do have a piano that I like to play around on making things up as I go even though it annoys some family members (maybe because it annoys them). Then we all end up laughing and that is the point.

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  2. I remember in elementary or junior high school we had a xylophone in our music class and I was envious of those who could plunk along. Are there any YouTube tutorials? That’s how I learned to crochet recently, although I haven’t made anything more than a 2-inch square. I would love a National Xylophone Day – where did you get your instrument? Found you through the A to Z Challenge. Have a great weekend.


    1. I have to confess I did not check to see if there was a “real” xylophone day. At the beginning of the challenge I was checking to see if any of my holidays really existed but now I have become a slacker. There are tutorials on-line but I really want(need) to learn to read music. Santa brought my xylophone, perhaps with some help from Amazon?
      Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. If there isn’t a “real” xylophone day, there should be! You could start the official one. I learned how to read music in junior high when I took guitar lessons. Not sure how much I remember. You’ll do great!

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