Happy May Day!

No I did not make this holiday up!  May Day is a real holiday that my son and I celebrate by leaving small bouquets of flowers on our neighbors’ doorsteps.  This year our list expanded to eight:  four neighbors, two teachers, our dentist and our church office.


Eight little bundles of joy.

Flowers are bursting out everywhere:

Both my chrysanthemums are getting one last flowering in before the real heat starts.



Baby lemon!  Not a flower but still makes me happy.
I have a few rose buds on my bush.








The seeds I planted in February are flowering!  A rare gardening success. 
No I do not know any names, I am just enjoying their beauty.


I will be taking the rest of the week off from the computer.  While I really enjoyed the A to Z blogging challenge I am not used to spending so much time on-line and I am feeling a tad burned out.  See you next week!



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