Digesting News

Normally it feels like I am always writing blog posts in my head. But the past week or so I have been thinking about all my medical test results. In a nutshell here are the results: My colonoscopy via mail came back negative.  Yeah!  My mammogram showed nothing suspicious. Whew!

The x-rays of my hands showed nothing (except that I have hands of course).  My doctor’s response was to continue to monitor the situation.  How is that helpful for pain?  Does an x-ray rule out carpal tunnel?  I was trying to figure out exactly how to reply when the hands got moved to the back burner.

I got my pelvic ultrasound results and they revealed that I do indeed have two uterine fibroids.  After the initial wave of panic I did what everyone does, I looked for information on the internet.  It appears there are two options, ignore them and hope they shrink when I hit full blown menopause or surgery.  With surgery they could remove just the fibroids or they could remove the fibroids and uterus.

My gyn appointment isn’t until mid-August. Do I need to go sooner?  Since my symptoms aren’t too horrid I have decided to wait unless the doctor thinks I need to come in sooner.  (It is easier to do doctor appointments after school starts.)

So for now I wait and tell myself all the benefits of surgery.  No more crazy long, frequent periods. A day or two in the hospital can be thought of as a vacation from housework and laundry and cooking.  I promise myself a box of dark chocolate candy from See’s if I do need surgery.

There’s the plan, now I can put all this medical stuff out of my mind for the next month and get back to writing blog posts in my head.  What a relief!

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