Epiphany – a sudden striking of understanding something

As I get older I do indeed feel like I am getting wiser, I keep having epiphanies. Having an epiphany sounds smart as opposed to admitting to having a “Duh” moment.  I have decided to be kinder to myself so we are going with epiphanies, okay?

So I have been working on being a healthier self and I was looking through my kitchen cabinets and realized “man, we really have a lot of food”.   Many different flavors of syrup and salad dressing and different kinds of chips.  Boxes of granola bars and cereal and cans of soups and pastas for my son.

How did this happen?  Well, I know how.  When small child started school in addition to making him a lunch he needed a mid-morning snack and then an after school snack.  And the morning snack needed to be something that would withstand the desert heat and a small boy being responsible for it. And for some reason I thought he needed a different snack each day.  Plus different stuff to put in his lunch or for after school.  That explains the cereal, granola bars and chips.

The syrups happened because every time we went to Apple Annie’s I felt like we needed a seasonal flavor of syrup.  I wanted apple in the fall and peach in the summer and strawberry at the beginning of summer.  Ooh, mixed berry, that sounds yummy. But we really don’t eat that much syrup and the stockpile began.

And honestly I do not know what is going on with the rest of the condiments.

So now we come to today and my quest to stop snacking and eat healthier. And that is when I had my epiphany:  I need to shop differently!  Since I do 99.5% of the grocery shopping it is up to me what comes into the house.  Duh! 🙂

After some thought I realized what I had to do.  First, say nothing.  Second, shop smarter.  And third just continue serving all the normal junk until it is gone.  And then gradually and secretly change small child’s eating habits along with my own.  Not completely for him.  There will still be cereal in the cupboard and one type of healthier granola bars.  After school snacks will be fruit or carrots or yogurt and a homemade cookie or two.  He probably won’t even notice the change.

I am looking forward to some empty cupboard space and less temptation in the house. A person only has so much willpower. It’s true, we only have so much.  I read a book about it.  Made total sense.

Completely unrelated pictures:

The largest of three scorpions I scooped out of the pool.
I don’t know if this is poisonous but it looks evil.

The scary thing is I fished these all out of the pool the same morning.  Honestly I was a little scared to get in and kept peering around to see if I missed anything.  Desert life is not for the faint of heart.

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