The Week in Review 1/17/18

I read a few blogs that have questions for other bloggers to answer and use on their blogs on a monthly or weekly basis. I don’t use them because most of the time there is at least one question that doesn’t interest me or apply to me. Then I realized, duh, I can make my own questions!
So I am starting a new feature for my blog: The Week in Review! I am shooting for every Wednesday and (so far) I have a list of 15 questions of which I will pick around five every week to answer. We will see how it goes and tweak as necessary.


The desert southwest version of snow.  Also the dessert version of snow! (Yes that would be sunshine falling across the table.  I added that for all those who have not seen the sun in awhile.)

What I am reading:  “A Cold Treachery” by Charles Todd.  I love this post WWI series set in England and I have a bit of a crush on Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge.  I am also re-reading “Alone” by Admiral Byrd.  I read this just before sleep, a little bit at a time.

A sidenote:  my two favorite books from 2017 were “The Martian” by Andy Weir and “Bury Your Dead” by Louise Penny.  I loved the story behind how “The Martian” got written and as for those who said it was too technical, that was a small part of the book and easy enough to read without worrying about completely understanding it.  I know I still can’t make water but do appreciate that it can be done. As for “Bury Your Dead” I am completely loving the Inspector Gamache series and trying to make it last as long as possible.  Each book in the series is better than the last.

A television show or movie I watched:  In the past I have been a jinx for NFL playoff teams.  Whoever I root for loses (bye-bye Bills), but this past week end I was cheering for both the Eagles and the Vikings and both teams won!  And that Vikings game, man the most exciting finish ever! Now I have to figure out who to root for between the Vikings (under the radar all year) and the Eagles (Nick Foles at QB, University of Arizona guy).  I am thinking Vikings because I believe they have a better shot at beating the Patriots even though I am seriously rooting for the Jaguars to take the Pats out of the Super Bowl picture altogether.

My current project: While I can knit (and purl) I am hopeless at following all but the simplest patterns.  I want to make my friend an afghan but dread lugging around a big pile of work.  So instead I am going to make a bunch of scarves and join them together. Sounds like a plan. A two year plan but so be it.

Highlight of the week:  A rare celebrity sighting.  I saw Kevin Ray who does the pre/post game analysis for the Phoenix Suns at my son’s First Lego League State Tournament.  He didn’t do any announcing though.

Something that brought me joy:  We have to make our own snow here in Tucson so my son and I made paper snowflakes and snowflake and snowmen sugar cookies. Fun stuff!

One of my son’s paper snowflakes.
Sugar cookie snowflake.










And this concludes the very first “Week in Review”!


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