The Week in Review 1/31/18

Favorite part of a meal: Still learning to make really fluffy homemade biscuits and this time I did better! I did three things different this time 1) I rolled them out thicker, 2) I used a mix of shortening and butter and 3) I “booked” the dough one time when I rolled it out (rolled it, folded it over into thirds and rolled again).

Something that brought me joy:  Getting a bunch of small, random tasks taken care of.  Made an appointment for the dog at the groomers, scheduled my car maintenance, got my haircut and washed a pile of cardigans now that our week of winter is over.  Also happy to see my lemon blossoms seemed to have survived the “winter week”.

Something I watched on tv:  I don’t watch much network television but I am really enjoying “This is Us”.  Happy to see the writing hasn’t deteriorated as happens with so many subsequent seasons of really popular shows.

Finished this coloring project:


Scrabble Stats:  Early last year I scored a used computer Scrabble game for $5.  (I don’t like playing on-line against real people, I like playing the computer. It’s the introvert in me.)  I noticed this week I was playing my 101st game.  I have won 96% of the games which I think is pretty good since I am sure the computer cheats and peeks at my letters!  I have had 13 seven letter words with my best word being “Birthday” and worth 82 points.  My highest game to date is 437 points. And I am staving off dementia with all this brain exercise.


How was your week?

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