The Week in Review 2/7/18

(Above is a lizard I found clinging to the vacuum hose in our pool.  The water is pretty cold right now and after I took his picture I fished him out.)

About four inches long, it took him awhile to warm up and go on his way.

Something I am reading:  Actually I finished “The Baker’s Secret” by Stephen Kiernan. I loved this book and hated to see it end. I would love to read about what happens next and a prequel of what happened before, would have made a good trilogy I think.  If you liked “The Nightingale” or “All the Light We Cannot See” you will like this book too!

Something that brought me joy:  The Eagles beating the Patriots, Nick Foles catching a TD pass and the Eagles Defense finally shutting Chris Collinsworth up about all of Brady’s past exploits.

The weather:  Apparently we are not having much in the way of  winter monsoon rains this year which is a bad thing. But less flowers means less pollen and that is good for my allergies.

Something I accomplished: I cleaned off the top of the computer desk.  This desk is used by my husband and son but I have a direct view of it from the kitchen and the clutter was driving me nuts.

Paint Chip Poetry: (It’s a real thing. I got it for Christmas.)  The six words I pulled are in italics.

                          In the mountain town folks drank champagne from antique rose colored glasses and feted the survival of another winter.   A small girl sat on the cliff’s edge playing with her sand dollar and dreamt of the ocean in summer while overhead a starship sped by unaware of  any season at all.

I enjoyed writing the poem though I don’t see myself becoming a poet.  Not enough imagination I fear.  But it will be fun to do this once in awhile.

How was your week?


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