The Week in Review 2/21/18

Most of this week was spent preparing to go camping, camping and now post camping recovery (ie. loads and loads and loads of laundry!)

Camping: We went camping at Lost Dutchman State Park in the Superstition Mountains.  The weather was decent and I got in a lovely solo hike Saturday afternoon and took lots of pictures.  We also had three fabulous sunsets which I am sure will be showing up on Photo Friday.

Favorite camping meal: While I enjoy roasting a hot dog over the fire my favorite meal was a taco salad.  I browned ground turkey at home and added some homemade taco seasoning.  At the campsite I heated up the meat and served it over lettuce with cherry tomatoes, salsa, shredded cheese, avocado and sour cream.  De-lish.

Weather:  I discounted winter too soon.  We had  two days of fairly steady,  though light, rain last week and more on Monday night.  We were lucky Friday morning there was no rain as we loaded the trailer but it started up again around lunch time and rained halfway to Apache Junction.  This week looks to be marvelously cool (50°s) with more rain possible.

I was trying for a blurred background effect to highlight the rain droplets on the branch.  I almost succeeded!

Something that brought me joy:  Seeing a hummingbird having breakfast at my lemon tree.  They are excellent pollinators and maybe I’ll get more than four lemons this year.

Something I watched:  “Green Dolphin Street”.  It was odd seeing Lana Turner and Donna Reed in the same movie but it worked.

Just for fun I snapped some pics as the kids were blowing bubbles, love this one.

And how was your week?


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