The Week in Review 2/28/18

Something I did right: This year I remembered to cut back my rose bush in January and give it some fertilizer.  With all the warm weather the new growth exploded.  Now I have to hope it survives our brief cold snap. I moved it against the house and under the awning and while we got close to freezing I don’t think we dipped below 32°.

What I read: “A Boy in Winter” by Racheal Seiffert. I enjoy WWII historical fiction and this book covered a facet I hadn’t read or even really thought about before. The story takes place in the Ukraine in November 1941. It covers three days and the stories of a few different people when the Germans show up. I have to confess I never thought about what it must have been like for Russians/Ukrainians when their country changed sides in the middle of the war.  The book was a bit disturbing to read not because it was too graphic but because much of the atrocities of WWII are difficult to think about.  I am glad I read this book though. It is one of those stories that haunts you after you have finished.

Something I am glad is over:  I finished the bin of shred! My “take care of a nagging task” is completed.  Ten minutes a day was the perfect amount of time, the waste basket filled up but the shredder didn’t overheat. Now I suppose I should clean out the second file drawer.  Maybe in April or May.

Four days off:  Normally when my son has a school break we go camping but that didn’t work out for the four day February break which was a bummer.  (My son wasn’t off school for President’s day when we did go camping, he missed a day of school because in our world President’s Day is a holiday.  Here in Tucson they celebrate rodeo break later that week instead of President’s Day.) My husband had to work and I knew my son would want to spend every available moment on the computer.  I considered feigning illness (known as malingering in the military) and hiding in bed the whole four days but instead I made a plan. And yes my son and I fought about computer time but we also ran errands and worked on math and made rice krispie treats. We had to use chocolate marshmallows because Trader Joe’s was out of regular ones (for shame TJ’s!) and it turns out trying to shape the sticky treats in a timely fashion is not easy. (Yes, I remembered to butter our hands.) We did our best and they still tasted good.

I used a cookie cutter to help shape this butterfly.
We did a mix of cookie cutter and  freeform designs.  Can you identify a snowman, snake, happy face (2), dog bone(2) and cowboy hat?  And of course some are just abstract designs.


New High Score in Scrabble:  I have a new record score: 458!  With the seven letter word, “Canyons” and I got more than my fair share of “the good letters.”  Take that you cheatin’ computer!


So how was your week?

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