Where was Jamie Lee Curtis?

A few weeks ago I DVR’d “Halloween” off the IFC channel.  I thought this was a good choice as they don’t edit the movies they show.  It took me two days to watch the whole thing.  I only watched while my son was at school as I knew it was not appropriate for him.

The whole time I am watching the movie I am thinking to myself, “Where is Jamie Lee Curtis?  Maybe it was ‘Friday the 13th’ she was in? Am I just not recognizing her?” Whatever, because the movie scared the pants off me.  I was so glad to be watching it during the day and well before Halloween.

But the whole Jamie Lee Curtis thing was bugging me so after finishing the movie I googled “Halloween”.  I read the plot synopsis and there were some key differences. What the heck did I watch?  And how did I miss Jamie Lee Curtis, she was the lead screaming teenager!

Further research informs me I watched a remake version from 2007.  What? Sheesh, what a disappointment.  Ah, all the nudity and sex make sense now.  And now that I think about the clothes and the cars… yeah, not feeling too bright here.  In my defense I was a bit distracted by the crazy big guy running around killing people in graphically violent ways.

And now I have to watch the original 1978 version and scare the pants off myself again.

From the 1978 version.


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