Random Rambling: True Words

True conversation at the grocery store:

Woman:  “Oh look dear they have eggnog!  Do you want some?”

Man:  “Well, tis the season.”

Me: “No it’s not!  (Said with true horror.)  That eggnog is totally going to clash with your Halloween candy.”

Woman and man both look at me and kind of laugh, and then she reaches for the eggnog and I turn back to the eggs. Oops.

I worry about Thanksgiving.  That one day it will be totally lost as the world jumps straight from Halloween to Christmas.  If I had to pick a favorite holiday it would be Thanksgiving.  The whole weekend.  Football and food.  The Macy’s parade.  A neighborhood stroll after dinner and before dessert.  Autumn leaves and the smell of roasting turkey.  The movie “Rudy” and the traditional Territorial Cup game between      U of A and ASU.  Leftover turkey sandwiches on good bread with mayo and cranberry sauce.  The annual craft fair at Reid Park and buying my locally made calendar for next year. Playing FEAST bingo and other board games. Napping. It is my ideal weekend, a nice mix of staying home and getting out, cooking and then not having to cook.    A well-balanced weekend.


IMG_8272My hat rather turned out a “fright”, just not exactly the way I thought it would.

I went inside the Dollar store to look for some “bling” to add to my Witch hat and froze with fear when faced with aisles of Christmas items! Talk about a Halloween scare!  Luckily I found the one remaining aisle of Halloween stuff and a few items to jazz up my hat.

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