Christmas Countdown Reading Time

It is now officially December and the countdown to Christmas Day has started.  My son and I each have an Advent calendar but my favorite way to count down the days?  With stories.  My number one hobby is reading.  I read in little pockets of time throughout the day and before bed each night.  Truth? Some days I leave to pick up my son from school a little earlier than normal so I can grab an extra few minutes of reading time in the carpool lane.

My son and I read a story together each night up until a few months ago. We were reading Harry Potter aloud together but that was going too slow for him. We still read a story some nights, but he is 11 now and has outgrown it a bit. (He pretends he does it now to humor me but I can tell he  still likes it, just not every night!)  For the month of December we pick up the tradition of nightly reading and choose one of our many children’s books to read aloud together.  We are starting with “Junie B., First Grader- Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.)”   

This year I decided to read for myself as well, two different books for a Christmas countdown.  The first is Maeve Binchy’s collection of holiday short stories “This Year It Will Be Different”.  There are fifteen stories and I am reading one each night at bedtime.  Yes, I have read these before, a few times actually,  but I love this author and I love these stories.  Familiarity can be comforting at the holidays.

Once I am done with the stories I will re-read Jan Karon’s “Shepherd’s Abiding”, one chapter a night.  Ten chapters, ten nights.  I read this story every December, it makes me feel very peaceful and that is important after a frantic, errand and chore filled day.

I debated if I should start 30 November so I could finish on Christmas Eve but I decided to wait until 1 December and finish Christmas night.

The first coloring picture of the season, not too Christmasy, trying to ease my way into the holiday frenzy.

Feel free to steal this idea, find a new book or an old favorite, short stories or chapters and give yourself the little gift of Christmas Countdown Reading Time!

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