Creative Courage

My word for last year was “unhurried” and I loved it. Having a simple, one word reminder staring at me from various spots in my office really made a difference. So I decided I wanted to pick a word for this year.

Last November I read this article at Carrot Ranch and the words creative courage really stuck in my head. As soon as I started thinking about possibilities for this year’s word I knew right away “creative courage” was it. I dithered a bit though, are you allowed to borrow your word from someone else’s website? Am I stealing someone else’s dream? No, the idea came from someone else and Carrot Ranch wrote about it. I think I am good. I feel like the words found me. (And it is too late to change them anyway. We bonded instantly!)

I am already trying out my creative courage, not just in writing but in other artistic endeavors which I will write about soon. In writing I have been entering some of Carrot Ranch’s flash fiction challenges. Now I need to start posting those entries on my blog. The best part is even if my entry sucks they are only 99 words so won’t waste much of your time!

I actually got an honorable mention for one of my entries, now I have to figure out how to post my badge here. I guess I should link to the entry too? So here it is. I am having enough trouble formatting my posts with this new editor who knows how long it will take me to figure out the badge thing! But I am cultivating my creative courage and will persevere.

9 thoughts on “Creative Courage

    1. I tried the avoidance thing for a few weeks but then decided to just use it. How hard could it be? Ha ha. Still trying to figure out how to add images to my library without being in a post. Other than that it hasn’t been too bad. A small clue….make sure you look on the right side of the screen and see if you are in document or block mode. Figuring that out solved a lot for me! Good luck!


      1. Hmm…I know how to do that in the regular app but not the new fangled fancy editor! I also only use my phone so that may be a different deal altogether πŸ€“


      2. I don’t do much on my phone. Too tiny for me! But I did get an IPad for Christmas and I know I need to learn how to do more things on it, which I am doing it. Just haven’t reached wordpress yet!


      3. I have one of those gigundo notetaking phones so it works pretty well for wordpress. *BUT* late last night it updated the app on me and now….I’ve been “upgraded” 😣😣😣


  1. I, too have avoided upgrading. I like your idea of having a word for the year. I may steal that idea, if I can come up with a good word. Then I’ll write a blog post about it, but I’ll link back to you, so folks will know where I got the idea. OOh, here’s a Freudian typo: instead of “good word” I first put “food word.” Teehee. I think my phrase for the year should be “weight-loss goals.”

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