Flash Fiction (Shards)

From the 24 January 99 word challenge at Carrot Ranch.

Shards of a Life

The line of soldiers walked slowly, cautiously, testing each step.  The IED detonated anyway, shattering the  Sergeant’s leg and leaving him mercifully unconscious. 

Thousands of miles away a phone rang.  The love of his life found her heart shattered by words as easily as his leg by explosives.

Months passed.  Months filled with hospitals and surgeries.  A leg put together with pins and rods. A person put back together with therapy and exercise. A heart held together with patience and hope. A couple linked together by the past.

Their bodies may have been shattered but their love remained whole.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (Shards)

  1. Wow — the explosive shattering physically and emotionally comes back together in a renewal of love. A powerful piece of writing and a great example of why I think flash fiction can be so effective. I’m going to read this one to the veteran spouse’s group I attend on Friday.

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      1. You get it. I’m starting to think of service as the sacrifice that keeps giving. Thanks for being one of the sheepdogs, willing to fight off the evil the sheep don’t want to believe exists. What branch? You’ll be in my prayers, too Tracey.


  2. I was in the Air Force and Air National Guard. I never considered it a sacrifice but a privilege to do my part in ensuring our nation’s freedom. When you see how people live in other countries it really opens your eyes to how wonderful we have it here, and how much we stand to lose if we don’t defend it. Thanks for the prayers!


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