May Madness: Mixed Message

There is a house for sale on our block that has been a rental for years. It doesn’t look much like a rental as it is a well maintained large two story with a pool. When the last family moved out we thought nothing of it. Floor cleaners and painters came, pretty standard. The sign went up in front and then we realized it wasn’t a for rent sign but a for sale sign.

Interesting. Maybe it wouldn’t be a rental anymore? A few days after the sign went up we saw another sign had been added underneath. Was it under contract already? No, the new sign read “Please do not disturb the occupants.” Huh? The house was empty. And then I thought, they don’t want to broadcast that the house is empty. How clever.

And then I looked it up on Zillow to see what they were asking for it and all the photos showed an empty house. So much for being clever.

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