May Madness: Movie

I recently read “Mary Astor’s Purple Diary” by Edward Sorel. Not my typical fare but I saw it on the library shelf and thought it looked interesting. I do like reading biographies from time to time.

It was good, different, a quick read. In the book the movie “Dodsworth” was mentioned. This is the movie she was filming during the custody trial for her daughter. I love old movies and have seen lots and lots. Not only hadn’t I seen this one I hadn’t even heard of it. So I put it on my mental movies to see list.

When TCM’s listing for May arrived in my inbox a few days later I told myself to remember to check for “Dodsworth”. And by some miracle I did and it was being shown the next night! (More the middle of the night actually.) So I DVR’d it and watched it last night. It was pretty good for a movie made in the 30’s. I think I liked it even more knowing the backstory.

I am really glad I got to see it right after reading the book, otherwise I most likely would have forgotten why I wanted to see it! I love serendipity. (If serendipity started with an ‘m’ that would have been my word for the day!)

Til tomorrow…

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