May Madness: Musicals

I was dusting the family room this morning (a somewhat rare event of late) and gave my DVDs the once over. I saw my copy of “Meet Me In St. Louis” and thought that I need to watch that this summer. Is it weird that I only like one musical?

I can see not being a fan of a whole genre, but what does it mean if you dislike a whole genre except for one movie? And it’s not like I am a huge Judy Garland fan or from St. Louis or in some other way linked to the movie. (I just learned that Mary Astor plays the mother in the film. I had no idea!)

Sometimes I think I am just weird.

Til tomorrow…

7 thoughts on “May Madness: Musicals

  1. Well, I am a musical theatre fanatic. It isn’t weird you don’t like them- after all, everyone is different- different tastes.


      1. Maybe because that was the only one you found that you liked. There are a lot that exist.

        Even as a musical fan, there are musicals I found that I don’t like

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      2. That makes sense. I wonder why I like “Meet me in St. Louis”? I think it might be the happy family in the cool big house. And there aren’t any random bursts of meaningless singing. The songs follow the plot and seem to make sense (except for singing on the trolley). Do you like spontaneous song break outs in your musicals?


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