May Madness: Massive

I oops’d. I bought a very beautiful jigsaw puzzle and didn’t pay attention to the size. Normally when I do a puzzle I work on the dining room table but I put the puzzle on a piece of foam board. This allows me to move it out of the way if we want to use the table to play games or do a craft project. (We only eat in the dining room on Thanksgiving. Seriously. Once a year, not even Christmas.)

But this puzzle is 27″ x 35″ and won’t fit on my foam board. I thought, okay, I’ll set up our folding card table in the living room, another room we hardly use (only Christmas morning). Nope, too small.

This puzzle takes up a good two-thirds of the dining room table. I know because I put together the edge pieces. Well, most of them, I seem to have missed a few on my initial sort.

Now I am stymied. I need that table over summer break which starts next week. I am waffling between picking a different puzzle to do and looking for a bigger, lightweight, movable surface.

I hope all your problems today remain ‘this small’! 😌

Til tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “May Madness: Massive

  1. Ah, yes, puzzle problems! I’ve recently gotten back into working on jigsaw puzzles. I have a card table set up in the corner of our family room. It’s not the greatest place for it and the 4 year old likes to play with the pieces, making patterns….. but for me it’s relaxing and it’s a simple way to either take my mind off my worries or think them through- whatever I need at that moment. 🙂 I would probably pack away the big puzzle until it’s a better time to take up a larger space and try another one. Good luck!

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