May Madness: Mystery

I loved reading Nancy Drew when I was a kid and my son and I read a few together a few years ago. Now there are several different Nancy Drew series with her at different ages. I just picked up a “Nancy Drew’s Diaries” one from the library. I am curious to see what is going on with her these days. Did she go to college? I digress.

If this post were a Nancy Drew novel it would be titled “The Mystery of the Oregon House”. There is a most mysterious house in our neighborhood. Everything I am going to write is pure speculation, fiction if you will. I have never spoken to the people who live there. All I have is my own observations and imagination.

For the last few years three cars, all with Oregon plates have come and gone from this house. All three cars show up and leave together at no regularly discernible intervals. Snowbirds* without a regular migratory pattern I thought.

Then there was the year when they would show up and move lots of boxes and furniture in and out of the house. I decided they were trafficking in stolen goods.

Next we have the remodeling phase when there was a whole bunch of work done on the house. Bathrooms for sure, paint, maybe flooring. I thought for sure the house was going up for sale. But no. A few months later the people seemed to move in for good.

I deduced there were two couples, siblings and their spouses I decided. I overheard one couple discussing if they still needed two cars. I gathered they weren’t happy about having to park one vehicle in the driveway (as opposed to inside the garage). Shortly thereafter there was no longer a car in the driveway.

I didn’t see much of the people but there were signs they were still there. And then a small moving truck showed up. Once again the garage was full of stuff. Boxes and small pieces of furniture. There was only one vehicle there and they loaded up the truck and were gone. I don’t know when the second vehicle left.

Once again it looks like the house is empty. No activity, no garbage cans by the curb. Have they just retreated north for the summer? Will a ‘for sale’ sign appear? Is all of this moving of stuff normal for a snowbird?

I find the whole thing a puzzle. All the moving of things in and out, all the coming and going. How all three (now two?) cars show up and leave at the exact same time. If I was Nancy Drew I would have found a way to search the garage and identify stolen goods and break up some renowned art thievery ring. Or now that the house looks empty I would peer in the windows and spy a kidnapped heiress. (I don’t think Nancy Drew ever found a dead body!)

But, alas I will just continue to walk the dog and speculate wildly and wait to see what happens next.

snowbird* : a northerner who moves to a southern state in the winter

Til tomorrow…

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