May Madness: Muse

Muse: a source of inspiration

When I set this May challenge I had this image of myself sitting down each day and writing, “like a real writer”. I would compose thought provoking posts that people would find themselves mulling over all day. Or I would write something so funny they would snort with laughter and chuckle over it throughout the day.

I knew the reality would be much different. I knew there would be days I would sit in front of my computer with an empty mind. Good for meditation, not so good for writing. Most days I am doubtful that I am a “real writer”.

But I have surprised myself this month and the ideas have flowed. Okay, some were not the greatest ideas but I was able to write something. Perhaps not the great literary achievements I dream of but I have written. Today my muse seems to have deserted me. I guess I am lucky she stuck around as long as she did.

So is this enough for a blog post? I hope so because I really want to listen to the Cubs game that starts in a few minutes.

Oh the irony of the desert cactus being today’s picture! Not planned as I set up the pictures back in April.

Til tomorrow…

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