May Madness: Memories

I did it! I wrote a post every day in May. Now this challenge is just a memory. Will I do this challenge again? Probably not. I am a been there, done that kind of girl ready to move on.

Honestly? I am ready for a break from so much screen time. I find computer use is one of those tasks that snowballs. I jump on-line to renew my library book and an hour later I log-off and then realize I never did renew the book!

For June I have set myself the task to work on my languishing novel when I am not knee deep in parenting. I’ll still be around of course, just not every day. I am already thinking ahead though, perhaps a daily “One Word October”? That could be fun. What about photos? Hmm, one word, one photo a day? I’ll think about it.

Til next time…

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