Flash Fiction: Waiting

This week’s theme for Carrot Ranch’s 99 word flash fiction is about having to wait. I am in the throes of waiting. Waiting to go on our vacation, waiting to have my surgery, waiting for relief from some horrendous hot flashes. Then I’ll be waiting for school to start and my training for the census bureau. So, yes, I have plenty of material to work with for the theme of waiting.

But this week I wanted to focus on the word fiction in my writing. I wanted to make something completely up. I wanted the wait to be a positive experience. So that is where I went with the prompt!

“Mental Health Day”

At the beginning of the year Jennifer impulsively penciled in a mental health day on her calendar. Now the day was here and she wanted a spontaneous adventure.  

She drove two hours west and found a small town on the coast. She sat outdoors at a quaint café, opened the menu, closed her eyes and lightly ran her finger over the plastic sheet. Strawberry and cream cheese crepe appeared under her finger.  Perfect!

She sat back, the sun warming her face, noticing an Artist Co-Op across the road.  Stop two she thought as she waited patiently for her crepe.

2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Waiting

  1. Tracey, waiting for surgery can be scary! I hope you continue to imagine all the helpful hands involved. Waiting for vacation, I hope, is something to look forward to. Ah, hot flashes. We women are always waiting on our bodies for one thing or another. Like your fictional character, a mental health day is a great idea!

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