Flash Fiction: For One Day

I have to confess I am having a tough time mentally getting back into my normal routine after vacation and surgery downtime. To be honest I am not sure I want to go back to my old routine. But I do think these writing challenges are good for me. I need to keep practicing if I am ever going to improve and learn and grow. I love the story of the baby loon that inspired this week’s flash fiction prompt from Carrot Ranch. I rather wish I was sitting on a cabin porch by a lake right now!

Here is this week’s entry.


Kate lies in bed listening to the quiet. The boys are off on a fishing trip.  Laundry and groceries flit across her mind.  And then, what if for one day she did only what she wanted to do? She breathes deep, does she dare? 

In the shower she contemplates and discards options.  Then the answer arrives.

She throws her journal, sketchbook and pencils in her backpack.  She stops at the cute corner café she always wanted to try and requests a box lunch: “Surprise me,” she says. She heads toward the river, hiking until she finds solitude. Tranquility. Herself.

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: For One Day

  1. Tracey, I’m glad to hear that your surgery has passed! It is an uncertain time, recovering from surgery and vacation, and I think you know what is most important. You can reestablish a new routine. I love the day expressed in your story!

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  2. 1. The photos are gorgeous.
    2. I hope you are recovering well after the surgery and will soon feel better than ever.
    3. Pushing myself to write is something I like doing, too. And these prompts definitely help a lot to stay on the straight and narrow and improve.
    4. Life is often like an express train. Once on it, we forget about the things around us and get lost in the moment. Once we look out the window, we get sick because of the quick change of images in front of our lives. You nicely captured what happens when we decide to get off the train. Even if just for one day.

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