Flash Fiction: Park Bench

I skipped the last two prompts from Carrot Ranch, one didn’t interest me enough and one felt more controversial than I wanted to to participate in. (With the current political climate I have been avoiding all news, so much of it isn’t true or it isn’t news! I felt like writing about a protest would be opening a can of worms. Wait, did I just protest against writing about protests? Jeez.) It hasn’t helped that I have been sick for more than a week too.

But this week’s prompt was different, a GIF showing a park bench throughout a 24 hour period. It was interesting. I just wish I could have stopped the animation to study scenes more closely. I went with upbeat, something I feel the world needs more of at the moment.

0600 Empty Park Bench

What a lovely morning! The sun feels good after that chilly night.  I am enjoying this fragment of quiet tranquility, possibly the last one of the day. I am really glad no one threw up on me during the night.  I wonder if anyone will need consoling today?   Will I witness moments of great joy?  I hope some kids come and play near me; I love the sound of their laughter.  It would be nice if someone ate lunch here, the smell of chicken soup would be wonderful. I guess I’ll know soon enough what visitors today will bring.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Park Bench

  1. Wonderful to imagine the personality of a bench and what it would enjoy or not. Yes, I think you protested protests. 🙂 But stick to your boundaries, especially when so much drama is being acted out in the news media. Stay healthy!

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  2. I liked the twist on this and how you turned the bench itself into something (someone?) we can identify with. “I am really glad no one threw up on me during the night.” LOL!

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